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ISRAEL’S 155mm CURE FOR ‘TERRORISM’ « Eric Margolis

This account of  Israel's involvement in a  historical  'axis of political subterfuge' with the USA, Britain... and whomever is interesting and may well be true.

I am instinctively inclined to be pro-Israel and sometimes wonder whether I am being duped.

Yet there is a  relentless truth:  Israel is surrounded by nations and sects that have formally announced that they will not rest until Israel is obliterated and Jews everywhere have been exterminated.  How much licence does this grant Israel and the Jewish people to aggressively and pro-actively defend themselves?  Quite a bit I think, especially when the nature of potential obliteration has been evolving.

What would happen if Israel's middle east enemies acquired nuclear weapons; or if terrorists got their hands on miniaturized versions of nuclear devices, or some version of biological Armageddon?

The next holocaust might not emerge as  incrementally as  the last.

Timely, vigorous prevention may be the only prevention possible.


ISRAEL’S 155mm CURE FOR ‘TERRORISM’ « Eric Margolis.

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