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 Shoppers' Database

The next time you need a computer, car, music system, refrigerator … why not use 'social media' to network and do some serious negotiating?

Think what teams of shoppers could achieve!

Groups of a dozen, a hundred, a thousand ... could invite quotations from suppliers, asphalt crews, mechanics, tradesmen,  local manufacturers, farmers … and retailers large and small!

They would be glad to hear from us. Every day they spend millions (of our dollars) trying to get our attention.

  • Team shopping, collective bargaining by groups of consumers ... would reduce production costs through economies of scale.
  • Team shopping would diminish the need to advertise to individuals one by one.   This would reduce the environmental footprint of commercial activities and, no small irony, stimulate economies by reducing frivolous overhead costs.
  • More importantly, team shopping would provide  farmers, businesses and local manufacturers ... with inexpensive ways to pitch products and services.