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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Angry’ Face

Why would this gender-based difference be in play when there is no underlying physiological or neural basis? The answer may involve suggestions I have made about the universal inner directedness of women as compared to occasional, always scrawny manifestations in men.

Women are inner directed because they have enormous responsibilities and are equipped to meet them.

Whenever we say 'emotional' we are referring to these responsibilities and reliably-occurring internal resources.  (If these resources were not internal they would not be reliably occurring!)

The word 'emotional' is also a disingenuous way of referring to proceedings whereupon value enters the world.

Men do not bring value into the world because they have no idea what it would look like. They are, however, anxious to help out with value-generating projects - if some woman will only point them in the right direction.

This is why men are on the lookout for emotional women.  This is why men present as having a keen, dispassionate mien.  Men are hunting for truth even though they have no idea of what it consists of.  This is why every man hopes to latch onto (upon) some woman who knows where truth lies and is willing to share this understanding,  given a suitable quid quo pro.

When women start turning up in hunting arenas, when they start contesting in competitions they were once content to convene and judge, benchmarks and values are threatened and there is a sense that the centre may not hold.


Why women look mad when men look serious.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Angry’ Face

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