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BBC News – Charlie Hebdo: Muslim media anger at new cartoon

Two points:

  • The criticism near the bottom of this piece is that individual nations must become more sensitive and polite towards one another now that "we live in a multicultural society".  The paradox is that a multicultural culture is an oxymoron, and if this is what a multicultural world demands as a condition of not murdering one another, then all cultures will collapse into bland nothingness.  The only alternative is that one culture will come to dominate all the others, and there is good reason to believe that this culture will be centred upon Sharia Law, which is infiltrating nations everywhere and is not constrained in the least by the need to be polite and accommodating.
  • The other point is transcendental.  How can any religion predicated upon personal responsibility and moral choices be so exercised about the circumstances people find themselves in that cartoons are occasions of murder and de facto suicide?   If occasions of sin are legislated or terrorized out of existence what will individuals have to contend with and choose amongst?  This is clearly the antithesis of God's plan; and it may even follow that individuals pursuing such agendas are themselves guilty of the gravest possible moral error.

BBC News - Charlie Hebdo: Muslim media anger at new cartoon.

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