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BBC News – Barack Obama’s best years could still be ahead of him

This may be true but it brings to mind something that has always puzzled me.  How can the citizens of democracies transfer responsibility for what is going on to leaders when the only interesting function of democracy involves redefining leadership so that it becomes one of  individuals representing whatever  voters anointed them?

In Obama's case, it is arguable that the fractious, some say dysfunctional, American political scene fairly reflects what is going on in citizens'  minds.

If this is so,  Obama's difficulties represent a healthy democracy, albeit a democratic population with a toxic, Hell-bent collection of ideas.

If President Obama had been able to bend this unruly lot to his vision he would have been abrogating the very idea of democracy.

Political parties who change leaders after election losses are guilty of the same shallow understanding.

BBC News - Barack Obama's best years could still be ahead of him.

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