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Election 2014: Should Black Voters Keep Their Faith in Obama? –

An excellent piece! The suggestion that the (white) establishment could only respond to a black president by obstructing him at every turn - an inclination encompassing democrats as well as republicans - is provocative and sounds right to me.

In addition, the black population in America, and possibly elsewhere, are seeing that gaining (ultimate) power still avails a black man,  and therefore any ordinary man, little or nothing.

Ironically,  this seems to be rationalizing the status quo  instead of catalysing  further political repairs of the sort that saw President Obama elected.

What if there is another explanation, or perhaps an additional, complementary explanation?   What if most human beings would really rather be traduced exploited and abused if this means we can spend our lives gossiping about the shortcomings and moral turpitude of leaders and winners?

Election 2014: Should Black Voters Keep Their Faith in Obama? -

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