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BBC News – Blurred Lines jury awards Marvin Gaye family $7m

There has been a lot of stuff lately about people 'deliberately lying' or embellishing historical events to make themselves look better.

This particular business about plagiarism repeats common sense claims that consciousness does stuff and is the source of creativity.

I think Mr. Williams tells it like it is:  he grew up with Marvin Gaye's music and was informed by it.  The fact that it eventually turned up in a song he was involved in, or at least recognizably turned up, makes sense.

Once the fantasy that consciousness is the seat of all things human and holy is dismissed, where else could  delightful insights come from?

No one asks whether Mr. Gaye's creative life was  not aided and abetted by  similar ingestions.

We should be celebrating how well this is working, in spite of the obstacles litigious people pose.  Mr. Gaye was a beneficiary of these proceedings, along with the people who enjoyed his music.  These people included the litigants in the case now resolved, and the people who enjoyed their version of the  'music of the spheres'.  (Just kidding!)

I propose that the idea that Marvin Gaye, and then Mr. Gaye's  family, have rights to Mr. Gaye's neurological ruminations is nonsense - even if it is the nonsense every culture postulates as a common sense (which means unexamined) axiom.

BBC News - Blurred Lines jury awards Marvin Gaye family $7m.

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